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Some Example Cursors:

Hourglass Cursor Tied in Knots Cursor Link or Browser Cursor Hourglass


This is a collection of color coordinated 3D Purple Animated Cursors for Windows 95/98/ME or NT/2000/XP. They replace all the standard Windows mouse pointers with animated versions, with many optional versions to choose from. They included cursors for laptops and large monitors. They will also replace all the standard browser cursors if you have Windows 98 and IE 4.01. The link cursor will also appear whenever you use the "single click" setting for "folder options" in newer versions of Windows. Some of these cursors are identifed as 256 color cursors and will not display properly without the right video card and settings (see "256 Color Cursor Requirements" below for details). If possible, 16 Color alternatives have been provided, but the 256 Color ones look better.

For those of you using Windows 2000/XP, the cursors will automatically be available for the user who makes the installation. For other users, unless they also run the install program, they will have access to the individual cursors but not the prebuilt cursor schemes.

These files are copyrighted and being released as freeware for personal, non-profit use only.
If you wish to use ANY of these cursors for ANY OTHER USE than the ones stated above, send a request for permission via email to joescursors@yahoo.com.

I also have 3D Green, 3D Red, 3D Yellow, 3D Orange, 3D Blue, 3D Maroon, Flat Blue 3D, Neon, High Visibility, Inverse, Christmas, and New Year Animated Cursor Schemes available! For their home pages click these links.

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Animated Inverse Cursor Scheme Christmas Animated Cursors New Year Animated Cursors

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Download 3D Purple Animated Cursors!

Note: The sponsor for my download file requires an intermediate display page and you will have to click on the download link on that page. The file will NOT download automatically from these links.

Download Location 1: WinSite
Download Location 2 (Europe): Esse Graphic Resources

The current version is version 1.0d released on 8/11/01. This is the initial issue of 72 cursors. The zip file includes an install/uninstall program that works with Windows 95/98/ME/2000/NT/XP.

The file is 183 KB.

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Instructions for installing 3D Purple Animated Cursors in Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP


Instructions are included in the zip file under "Readme.txt." The installation instructions are repeated here for information. The installation file is designed to work with all normal default Windows installations. If you have a non-standard installation you can copy the cursors to your cursor folder after unzipping them and install them from Control Panel individually. If you are not familiar with the terms used in these directions, get help from someone who is to do this installation. 3D Purple Animated Cursors do not have technical support.


1. Unzip the 3DPCursr.zip file into a temproary folder using an unzip utility such as WinZip. It is preferable to keep the default folder of "\Temp\3DPurple", otherwise type in the folder used when prompted during installation for the "downloaded files". In Windows Explorer, go to the temporary folder you just made and right click on "INSTAL3P.INF". Select (double click) "Install". You should see a message that the cursor files are being copied to your computer. (If you get an error message about no program being associated with this file, you have a problem with your Windows 95/98 installation which can be repaired by following the directions at this link to Microsoft.)

2. In Control Panel, double click on "Mouse" for Mouse Properties. Click on "Pointers" in Mouse Properties.

3. Under "Scheme", click on the arrow for the drop down menu and double click on the "3D Purple Animated Cursors" entry. You should now see the 3D Purple Animated Cursors for each default mouse pointer.

4. To keep the set shown, just click on "Apply" and go to Step 5. To change any of the cursors, select that cursor and click on "Browse," double click on the "3DPURPLE" folder, then select the new cursor desired from those listed. Highlight the desired cursor and click "Open". You should now see the new cursor shown for that pointer. Continue this until you have all the cursors the way you want. At this time you may want to save this as a custom scheme. Type in a scheme name and click on "Save As". To initiate the new cursors, click on "Apply."

5. Exit Mouse Properties and Control Panel. Delete your temporary folder. You're done!

Note: The "application in background" cursors have "app" or "apps" in their name and the "busy" cursors have "bu", "bus" or "busy" in their name. (Sorry, but the install program limits me to 8 character file names.) All "application in background" cursors can also be used as the normal cursor. Cursors ending in "L" are larger cursors designed for laptop computers. Cursors ending in "M" are medium cursors designed for larger monitor resolutions (special request). Cursors ending in "C" are 256 color cursors (see special instructions below for their use). Cursors with "link" are able to be used as the browser cursor for Internet Explorer 4.01 if you have Windows 98. Cursor 3dpbusy8.ani is a 60 second timer and can be used to measure waiting time for your applications.

256 Color Cursor Requirements

For those cursors in this set identified as 256 color cursors, you must have a true or high color video card set higher than 256 colors and Windows 95 "Plus!" or Windows 98 or an equivalent second party software installed to take advantage of the intended colors. If you don't, they will display but look "muddy". You enable 256 color icons and cursors by going to Control Panel, then Display Properties, then "Plus!" in Windows 95 or "Effects" in Windows 98, and selecting the box for "Show icons using all possible colors". If you do not have "Plus!" or Windows 98, you can use "Microangelo Engineer" (shareware) or "MULEVEL" (freeware). "MULEVEL" is available from this site by clicking on the following link:

Download MULEVEL.

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Disclaimer of Warranty

These cursor files are "AS IS" and come WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, WHETHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED. Because of the various hardware and software environments into which these cursors may be put, NO WARRANTY OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE IS OFFERED. You take full responsibility for their use, suitability, and consequences. They are not guaranteed to work on your computer or your application. The user must assume the entire risk of using these files, including their installation. If your computer crashes, I am NOT responsible, nor am I responsible for any collateral damages or consequences of any kind. YOU are the ONLY one responsible for their use. (Remember you got this for free!) Unzipping the compressed file or any of its contents constitutes acceptance of this disclaimer and the license.

Additional Information

These cursors are intended for those familiar with their computer's operating system and are not provided with technical support. (If I provided support I would have to start charging for my cursors instead of keeping them as freeware.) Technical questions are best answered by your local computer expert, the computer supplier or the operating system software company. For example, many Windows questions are answered in the knowledge database at MICROSOFT.

A good resource for trouble-shooting cursor problems is Dierk's List of Animated Cursors - Troubleshooting.

This cursor set is my original work and takes advantage of a number of ideas, techniques, and cursors developed in the process of designing twelve different cursor schemes. Detailed credits and links are provided in the readme file. Many basic cursors can be designed with freeware cursor editors and most of my non-256 color cursors started with "Paint" and "Aniedit." In response to a frequently asked question on where to get cursor editors, I am providing the following link to Dierk's ANIMATED CURSOR UTILITIES PAGE which provides download links to cursor editors.

If you have compliments, comments or questions which are not related to the installation of cursors you may contact me at


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Last updated on 1/12/08.

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The 3D Purple Animated Cursor scheme was rated a FOUR STAR EDITOR'S PICK at ZDNet.
The 3D Purple Animated Cursor scheme was rated THREE STARS at Yippee.
In the U.K., the 3D Purple Animated Cursors were rated FIVE STARS at 5 Star Shareware.
In Korea, the 3D Purple Animated Cursor scheme was a "pick", was a "top ten Accessory", and was rated 4.5 at My Folder.

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